Always Ready for Coffee

I mean, that’s pretty standard by now, isn’t it?

See, this was a different shoot than usual…Samantha and I didn’t do any actual shooting because the temperature was in the teens and the wind was blowing hard. And we were right on the water. Not exactly the best shooting conditions, huh? It wasn’t a huge problem – I snapped a few quick photos and retreated to the car. I don’t think we realized how cold it was outside but neither of us lasted too long.

We drove a little ways t a Tim Horton’s and got large hot chocolates because we were freezing. See, Samantha and I have tried to shoot each time we’ve hung out (except the first time), but we have failed every time we’ve tried because we talk too much! It’s definitely not a bad thing because we’ve become fantastic friends in the process, but honestly, before I leave Buffalo, I would like to do an actual shoot with her…we’ll see if we can muster it!

Well anyways, short story time. After we got our hot chocolates, she was craving fries because there was a Wendy’s in the same space as the Tim Horton’s. She walked over and ended up getting the fries for free! This is her happy face when she gets free fries!

We sat here and drank our hot chocolates for hours, and I snapped some quality photos and videos during the process. Capturing raw moments create my favorite types of photos, so I often click the shutter when the person least expects it. With Samantha, and most girls, it makes them laugh and then *click click click click* goes my shutter as I capture the laughing. There’s a little tip for real smiles!

It’s safe to say we’ll have more of these moments over the next few weeks.

And hopefully a lot more in months and years to come.

Parting shots:

Next blog: I think I’m finally going to write about Emmy – we did a sweet shoot at the botanical gardens!

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