The Buffalo Central Terminal

So, the first ever actual, “real” photoshoot took place in abandoned building.

I just went back to shoot in one for the first time in three years. Who better to go with than Maddie? She and I have already had a variety of shoots. We’ve done the outside shoot at Tifft Nature Preserve, a fun mix of an indoor and outdoor shoot, and a challenge by her to shoot entirely indoors. The next logical option was an abandoned building – and she has the perfect vibe for this mood.

This was a very different style of work for me. Like I mentioned above, I haven’t shot in an abandoned building since early 2016. It got me completely out of my comfort zone, which Maddie loves to do to me. I was ready for the challenge!

Here’s another photo preference I’m switching up: I’m trying to take more portraits landscape style. I see so many across social media and I’ve never really tried it before. The occasional snap occurs generally because I think of these blogs and I want a landscape portrait to show as the thumbnail for the blog post. Literally, that’s the reason why I take them. Here, it was different. I tried to shoot more landscape style portraits. I got double-y out of my comfort zone! Maddie is a magic worker…

Oh, the other thing about the building – the entire floor was covered in ice. Mainly the second floor, but it was very icy everywhere. I actually took a little tumble while I was holding my camera! I did everything to avoid hitting my camera on the ground, sacrificing my arm and butt to save it. Alas, it didn’t touch the ground and it lived to shoot another day. Maddie said she saw the whole thing in slow motion. I lived that in slow motion, even though I slipped very, very fast.

Crisis averted. Thankfully.

Abandoned buildings are actually insane. There’s something very aesthetic about it them. Perhaps it’s the dystopian state they’re in. They give a glimpse into past footprints, memories long gone and times forgotten. The hallways are covered in graffiti and the floors littered with old crud (make sure you wear close-toed shoes, preferably boots like me and Maddie!). It’s such a unique and intricate place.

And to believe we only explored the surface of that area. There’s so much more to see. We explored one tiny little section of the abandoned terminal! There’s whole other areas in the humongous section we were in that we didn’t get to see! I could explore there for an entire day and probably come away with some exceptional photos in so many different places. We already have plans to go back and plans for one ridiculously cool shot we conceived. It’s our little brain child of a shot and I cannot wait to execute it.

We tried a couple of these artistic style shots. I want to get a certain something that will make a lot of this…but I’ll save that surprise for later on…for now, enjoy some more of them!

It’s safe to say I’ll be back for more.

Justin and Maddie pt. 2 is coming up…

Parting shot:

Crumbling ambitions.

Next blog: Taylor! Parking garage! A boat! And a sweet backdrop! We’ll see what we have time for, maybe it’ll be two blogs! Yay! 🙂

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