West Coast, New Zealand (Gallery)

Heli Tour, Queenstown (Gallery)

This was a cool experience. I'm posting this super late - over a month has passed since I returned from New Zealand. Things got hectic here and I'm finding time to post the last days from New Zealand. That being said, I won't explain too much. I'm just going to let these next few posts … Continue reading Heli Tour, Queenstown (Gallery)

Summiting Isthmus Peak

Third time's a charm. After two unsuccessful attempts at summiting two peaks, I finally managed to get to the top of a mountain in New Zealand. And Isthmus Peak is worth every step. I got a tip from the receptionist at the Makarora Tourist Centre that this hike would be well worth the climb. Tuesday … Continue reading Summiting Isthmus Peak

Roberts Point Hike

My legs were dead after this. But it was worth every step. This trek was 12.9 kilometers and the estimated time was roughly five and a half hours. I only had four and a half hours, so I embarked with speed. I didn't realize how hard it would hit me in the end. It was … Continue reading Roberts Point Hike

Slowing Down To Think

It was a late morning. We started on the road a little after 9:30 am, so we weren't too bad on time. It was a completely different scene than last night. Instead of seeing the sky blanketed in stars, rivers and lakes stretched in between mountain ranges. Towns were near scarce. Some only appeared to … Continue reading Slowing Down To Think