This. Location.

I was beside myself. It was easily the best spot ever.

I could legitimately shoot here for a week straight and shoot in different locations all day for seven days straight. I legitimately wish I was kidding. This place was unreal.


Inside and out.



I don’t like shooting indoors but her house is an absolute wonder to shoot in. The walls, the furniture, the high ceilings and massive windows, the decorations, the layout, on and on and on. And that’s not even including the barn!! Or the landscape outside! It’s utterly perfect and we are already planning to get back there again soon.


We were situated on the shore of one lake with another lake just 100 feet away. The backdrop in any location was absolutely stunning so I was beside myself with ideas. Maddie will tell you that I had a solid freak-out as she showed me around the area, each spot blowing my mind more than the previous place. Like I said, I could shoot here for a week and capture completely new photos each time. It’s a photographer’s treasure trove! It gets my brain moving and creative juices start flowing. I love that feeling so much!


As you can probably tell from reading this already, Maddie had a bunch of different outfits for this shoot and by all means, the more the merrier! We had it easy, honestly. Go outside, shoot for 15 minutes, come back inside, change, warm up, go outside, shoot for 15 minutes on and on and on. Go back inside to warm up. Have a dance break. Marvel at the pictures. Shoot again. Talk about life while removing dog hair from a sweater with a piece of tape (there’s a tip for ya!) and then blasting music. I mean, it can’t get much better than that.


Those captions above describe Maddie to a tee. She can be your best friend and have deep and meaningful conversations, listening to everything you say. She can be that friend that takes a little dance break in the middle of her barn while blasting the best Chainsmokers song. She’s that girl you wish you knew. And I know her!


And she has Jeeps. Jeeps galore. Jeeps coming out of your eyeballs Jeeps. Jeepers creepers. Okay sorry. I’ve been waiting forever to do a car shoot and I finally did my first one. I didn’t get to run through everything I wanted to get but I think the sensory overload of the excitement the new location brought was too much for me. I wanted to hit some of everything while we there, almost like I would never see the place again. But, I think it’s safe to say that I’ll see it again.

Real soon.

Parting shot:

Such a wild child.

Next blog: I split this one up because there were so many photos. The second half. Or Kaila. Maybe Tay. We’ll see.

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