I live in Canada, eh?

I don’t but it got Morgan good.

See, my shoots are always full of laughing and in order for me to connect to the person I’m shooting with, we’ve gotta have fun. I had told Morgan that I go to Canisius College but when she put the address I gave her, it directed her to Canada, and she told me:

“Can you send me your whole address because it’s taking me to Canada!”

And I’m thinking, ‘Well, Buffalo is basically Canada…let’s go with it.’

“Yeah, that’s where I live.”

“Wait whatttt…I thought you were at Canisius College…? I’m confused.”

“Gotcha there.”

I think I’m funny.

We picked a thrift store, Second Chic, as our first location. I’m not sure why it sprang to my mind but I think when doing a shoot with someone for the first time (and meeting her for the first time) it’s good to pick a spot that has a lot of diversity. It ended up being a bit more of a pain than I expected. See, with Morgan, she’s so obsessed with getting the colors right in each shot and since we were in a thrift store…multiple outfit changes were in order.

We eventually thanked the kind people at Second Chic and then headed right outside their store. We had spotted some little features we figured could be useful. A tiny little 20-foot by 30-foot space was our canvas and we ended up creating some pretty interesting shots.

From here, it got darker and darker, which was where we began to thrive. I’m taking a photography class this semester and for our midterm project, we had to compile a set of images that either used long exposure or light painting. I chose long exposure because I wanted to shoot portraits but also challenge myself and the model. And these shots…I love them.

Then we Brandon Woelfel’d it up. For those of you that do not know, Brandon is an absolutely legendary photographer and I do not know how he gets such amazing night shots. Anyways, we both knew him and got a little too excited over it. Elmwood Village has some pretty neat spots, and a lot of neon signs, which is exactly what we needed.

Oh, and we chucked in some lights too.

So we’ll shoot again.

Maybe in Canada, eh? I’m sorry.

Parting shot:


Next blog: We’re gonna get to everything eventually. Heading to Boston, in real time for a second.

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