Hiking, Flying, and Rooftops

It’s an odd combination…

But today was action packed. We got up early to do a hike that overlooked the Paraná River and Paraguay. Today I discovered that one of our taxi drivers was from Perth, Australia! We discussed Australia and he was excited for me to go to Brisbane. He told me about all of the animals that will try to kill me…apparently there are ants that are the size of the big part of your thumb. I told him my mom was scared enough and didn’t need to know this (except I think she reads my blogs…oops…).

After this, we visited a Guaraní village and the Horacio Quiroga house. The village was very simple, run by a single chief. We were invited in and bought some handmade crafts the local people had made. A few of us even started playing soccer with some of the kids! One in particular was interested in my camera but didn’t want to get too close to it. We later visited the Horacio Quiroga house, a tragic story filled with death.

Finally, we hopped on a plane bound for Buenos Aires and experienced a little bit of the city. I’d been hoping to get a time lapse of the city, so I went up to the eighth floor of my hotel but was unable to find a view. Frustrated, I climbed some more stairs that led to a door to the roof! After climbing a few ladders (and hopping to the next building over) I got a fantastic view of the city at night. And don’t worry, I’ll be up at dawn tomorrow for sunrise.

Make the most out of your days.

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