Thanks, G.

If you haven’t read the last blog, go read it now.

Meet G.

See how cool she is.

Then come back to this one.

I’ll wait.

You see, G inspired me. She posted a few self portraits on her Instagram and I was taken aback by them. The lighting, the poses, the emotion created. It was all there and it all seemed so easy. I asked her for tips and she gave them to me:

“Keep your camera an arms length away.” “Use auto-focus sometimes, manual focus other times.” “Use a wide lens.” “Set yourself against a solid background.”

So, here I go.

Grab my camera.

Grab my tripod.

Set it up in a corner of my room by a plain wall.

Turn off all the lights and used only my desk lamp and a photography light to set the scene.

Here are the results.





Next blog: The regular scheduled blogs.

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