Sunshine Coast Hinterland

It’s been a minute since I’ve done a portrait shoot.

Alyssa rang me up asking about a shoot, so of course I gave an enthusiastic yes! I consider myself a portrait photographer at heart, so it took me back to my roots. All I wanted was a nice, big hat – and I got it!

Driving up through the hinterland was a rewarding experience. The scenery was beautiful. Up until this point, Australia was basically one big beach to me but this shoot showed me what else Australia has to offer. We headed for a dam that promised a good, deep backdrop, and boy, it was a sight to see!


The dam was beautiful. The water backed up to small rolling hills with the sun peaking through the clouds. Lighting was perfect, hitting all the right spots on Alyssa’s features. It really could not have been a better day! Looking back on these photos, I realised that it has become one of my favorite shoots I’ve ever done. This the first shoot I’d had in a month and I really wanted to keep the same style and colors that I had with my New Zealand photos. I think I nailed it and found my own unique style.


After leaving the damn, we stumbled upon a cool forested area with some neat wooden structures. My creative eye was twitching like crazy. We ditched the hat this time (probably by accident) but it created a different look which we both really loved.


Finally, we came to our last stop. We arrived at a large hill that had quite the view of the dam, so of course, I pulled out the camera again. We dodged traffic and snapped some photos, even laying down to capture some magic shots. Life is more thrilling if you flirt with danger every once in a while. Needless to say, it was lovely to get back to something that I loved to do.

Have fun while you work.


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