Chainsmokers in Brisbane

First concert was definitely a good one.

I saw the event listed on Facebook and told my best friend Josie about it and within 10 minutes we decided to go.

Pretty quick for two people who want to save money, hey? Needless to say, the concert was pretty darn amazing.

We stayed the night in Brisbane and walked around the city the following day. I was surprised at how clean the city was. There was no trash anywhere, a stark contrast to cities I’ve frequented. I was truly amazed. Australians really care about their surroundings! Perhaps visitors can learn something from this.


Looking back on this day, I can only feel lucky that I met Josie. Were it not for us being roommates, I never would have met her. And I definitely wouldn’t have gone to this concert. Cheers, Josie!

Enjoy what you have.

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