Sunset at Point Cartwright

“Wanna go somewhere?”

“Where?” Josie would say.

“I dunno, let’s just drive and figure it out.” I’d say.

“Okay,” she’d reply with a giddy smile on her face.

Grab the keys. Get a jumper. Lock the doors. Down the stairs. Into the car. Out the gate.

“Oh noo, I forgot my camera!” I’d always say.

Well, not this time!


Josie and I often would be sitting in our lounge, doing nothing as the hours waned away. One of us would bring up the question and bam we’d get in the car and drive somewhere. Nearly every time we’d end up at a beach; in fact, I can’t think of a time where we didn’t! One time we drove 45 minutes north to Noosa Heads, just because we could. It’s special when you have a friend that will drop everything and go on an adventure for the heck of it.

Game of Tones.
Game of Tones.

We got to Point Cartwright earlier in the day because we figured we’d try to watch the sunset after missing it the two previous days. We climbed down some rocks off the path and onto the rocky beach. The air was salty and the water warm on our feet. We walked to a small outcropping of rocks which led to a few perfect portraits. The golden hour light was just right.

We walked further on the beach and came across a beautiful stretch of beach that became engraved in one of the best photos I’ve ever taken. Everything about it was perfect. The light coming through the trees cast the perfect shadows on the rocks, and the curl of the waves coming up on the sand landed neatly next to perfectly posed Josie. Blue sky shone in the background, resulting in an even cast of colors. Simply, this was perfection.

Simple beauty.

We walked further to the jetty and sat down for the sunset. Boats cruised past us, coming back from a day at sea or heading out for one last stroll. A couple of seriously jacked kayakers heaved their way past us. The speed they had reached had both of us staring in awe! The setting sun had me in a trance. It was probably one of the most incredible sunsets I’ve seen in my life. The colors were insanely beautiful and no clouds blocked the view. I think we were both happy that we got out that day. And to imagine that it all started with a simple question.

Just go. Go somewhere and see.

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