FIVE FOR FRIDAY: The First Day of Spring?! Outer Harbor!

Was it really the first day of spring?! It certainly felt like it!

It honestly was so warm that both Kaila and I shed our outer layers and were actually wearing just shirts. Absolutely insane, everyone. We never thought springtime would come in Buffalo! Of course, though, two days later, the temperatures dipped to just below 30 degrees and we actually got an inch or two of snow on the 31st of March (which carried over into April 1st – ha ha ha Buffalo, very funny). But let’s focus on that one warm day, shall we?

Kaila and I were both so happy about the warm weather. The northeast and Buffalo in particular seem to want endless winter, and I haven’t complained about the snow or the cold at all – honestly, bring it on! I love shooting in the snow! But, alas, there did come a point where I thought, “Ya know, spring would be a cool idea…”

We decided to try and recreate some hair flips – we did this in a previous blog (where I captured my best photo of all time, to this date) and I was loving how they turned out. We can kind of nail these shots, and Kaila is willing to do these over and over and over…and over again until we smash it.

See, these shots were funny because I loved them – I just didn’t realize that when we did them again in about a half hours time how good they would eventually be. But we’ll save that for a little bit. Keep the suspense up.

Okay, it’s a short blog and it’s picture orientated, so here we go with the epic hair flips. We absolutely nailed some of these (one in particular) and I couldn’t be happier with the way they turned out. So here, check them out below.

That first one above…I’m in absolute awe of that shot. I honestly don’t know how we got that shot. It’s as a weird process because I snap 10-20 photos within two seconds and go to review them. Sometimes I’m happy with how the turn out, but we’ll redo them every once in a while.

In this case, I’m so happy I did because this is the result.

I’m not sure if the rest of my photos will blow you away like those hair flip ones did, so here’s what the rest of the shoot looked like.

I’ll see you soon 🙂

Next blog: Faith and I went to a similar location…and it’s still springtime whaaaat!?

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