Postcard: Sorry, I’ve Been Away For A While

Buenos Dias!

I’ve been away for a little bit. It’s been snowing nonstop here in Utah since December and the powder has been incredible! It’s been hard to dedicate time to my blog and all my stories from last summer because I’ve been so busy creating new stories and new memories. I’ve been skiing with friends, started a side job as a ski and snowboard instructor at a local mountain, and also finished up and released a podcast with a very good friend of mine. You can listen to it on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Amazon Music!

All I can say for now is to hold tight – there’s going to be a lull when I am able to get back to writing. For now, enjoy one of the 19 photos I’ve taken all of 2023.

I’ll see you soon!

Miss you,

~ Justin


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