Skiing Through Trees, Cliffs And Bowls At Alta Resort

This was a fun day on the mountain and included some time spent on a part of Alta I’d never been to before. I’d only ever been on the Albion base side of Alta, which includes the Sunnyside, Supreme, and Sugarloaf chairs. This time, I went over to Collins and Wildcat for a little bit, and it was a total blast! The scenery there is also pretty breathtaking, although the Albion side has my favorite views by far. That’s what I love about Alta – it’s pretty wide open, so views are super easy to come by and are often overlooked due to the incredible skiing!

Show off for the camera!
Turns in the sun. Doesn’t get better!

I met up again with Kate and her friends for a day of shredding some sick powder. It wasn’t bottomless, unfortunately, but it rode really well and was super fluffy. Kate and I disappeared into some fluffy tree runs on the Albion base side, and captured some amazing shots! She’s a really good skier….like, a really good skier.

Lifting off on her black crows…
Airborne! Coming in for landing!

This frothing East Coast crew was pretty stoked to have me along for the ride again since they’d seen my shots of them at Snowbird, and a couple of them wanted in on the action after having skipped out on the day before. We found a large powder pocket and everyone had a turn ripping some fresh powder!

Meg was ALL SMILES today!!
Corin comes in for a HARD turn…this guy rips!
The spray of snow was intense! Snorkel time!
Honestly, I love how it looks like he is completely submerged.
Cassidy coming in hot!
One of my favorite shots I’ve taken!
Danny straight-lining down!
He basically disappeared…but don’t worry, he landed it like a pro!

It was just a fun day. It’s good to get out and ski with a bunch of people who are just there to have some FUN! After this was done, I put my camera away and enjoyed the rest of the day skiing. I was pretty tired at this point, as it was my fifth day in a row skiing, but it was worth it! That just made all of these photos extra special to me. I’m glad I took my camera out!

Here are a couple more photos to close out the blog! See you on the next one 🙂

Meg and Jack! Smiles galore!
Kate really wanted this photo…I dunno, I’m just the photographer!

Parting shot:

Danny threw a snowball at her as I took this shot. Seems fitting 🙂

Next blog: Maybe I should write some blogs I’ve put off. I’ve got some from Capitol Reef and Arches that could be written from trips I did back in 2020.

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