Skiing at Pine Creek Ski Resort in Wyoming | A Short Journal Entry

What’s better than skiing? Skiing powder! What’s better than skiing powder? Skiing powder at a private ski resort! What’s better than skiing powder at a private ski resort? Skiing powder at a private ski resort on company time! Woohoo! Yup, I got the opportunity to ski at a private ski resort, Pine Creek, on company time. I’ve got the best job in the whole world. How incredible is that!? My company got invited to an event at Pine Creek and my coworker somehow convinced our boss to let us check it out. How cool is that!?

I drove up to Pine Creek, a ski resort off the beaten path about three hours away located in Cokeville, Wyoming. Believe it or not, I’d heard about this ski resort from Cherry Peak, the mountain where I teach skiing and snowboarding. My boss there sang praises about Pine Creek, saying it’s some of the best skiing he’s ever had! After being there, I totally see why he was jazzed about it.

The view from the top. A little bit of Wyoming powder on top of ripper groomers!
These views. Clear-day powder days are kinda the best!

You see, Pine Creek is unique. It’s a private ski resort, but it does have public days on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The rest of the days, however, are available to be rented for the low cost of $4,500. The nice thing about this resort is that if no one books the resort…and snow falls for a few days..and then you get to ski it? Oh BOY…You’re in for one of the deepest powder days of your life! We weren’t quite lucky, but we got somewhere between 4-7 inches of the good stuff on our day, which was more than enough to make for some fun turns!

Near the top of the only chairlift. The trees were spectacular!

The one chairlift at the resort takes you 1,450 vertical feet to the summit sitting at 8,225 feet, and the 640 acres of untouched runs sit waiting to be skied. You could ski here all day, have untracked powder from first chair to last chair, and still not have explored the whole mountain. It’s seriously paradise on earth for anyone who wants to have an epic ski day!

The top of the chair. The man at the top wears a cowboy hat and waves to you every time!

And if that wasn’t enough, the food provided was out of this world. In the morning, there were muffins, bagels, fruit, coffee, tea, juice, and hot chocolate, and at lunch, there were veggie bowls, sandwiches, chips galore, and chocolate, and for apres ski, a massive charcuterie board covered the whole table. It was absolutely outrageous! I loved every second of it!

Part of the beautiful spread. It was way too awesome!
These skis were way too cool. I loved seeing the old-time skis!

Soon enough, it was time to head back to Salt Lake. This day definitely lives on as one of the best ski days I’ve ever had and it seriously was all thanks to my company for letting the two of us go and represent ourselves! We had an awesome time and it’s now on my radar. Here’s one final photo on my way out.

See you on the next one!

Parting shot:

Admiring the view. There’s nothing quite like skiing and seeing snow-covered ranchland.

Next blog: It’s time. Ready?


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