2021 | Goals

It's finally the new year and it's time to get going. I actually met most of my goals from last year, despite 2020 being a year beyond belief. I got outside more, got to seven National Parks, and a couple state parks here and there, and took lots and lots of photos. This year, I … Continue reading 2021 | Goals

My 2020 | National Parks, Elevated Landscape Photography, Food, and More!

Wow, that was a long year. What a year it has been. For me, I saw lots of changes and a whole new chapter of my life opened up. I was rehabbing my knee from my nasty injury that took place in October of 2019, and I also moved to a new place, only about … Continue reading My 2020 | National Parks, Elevated Landscape Photography, Food, and More!

Yellowstone National Park Camping Trip

Oh man, it's nice to getaway from society... I recently took a trip to Yellowstone National Park in July with Mercedes and boy was it epic. It's even more majestic than I remember in 2018! We were greeted with pretty moderate temperature the whole time, cloudy days and sunny days, and good weather.

One Year Living in Utah

It's nice being so close to so many U.S. National Parks... I don't think I realized it at first, but moving out to Utah was one of the best decisions I ever made. I mean, within about 5-6 hours of me is Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National … Continue reading One Year Living in Utah

Grand Teton National Park: Taggart and Bradley Lake Hiking Review

Taggart and Bradley Lake Loop

This loop is a roughly 6.0 mile hike and is a moderate level trail; elevation gain is 761 feet, as per AllTrails.com. You're met with sweeping views of both Taggart Lake and Bradley Lake in this loop, although both can be done independent of each other.