Surfing, Biking, and Handstands

Yesterday was amazing.

We used the bikes we had bought a few days earlier for a trip down to Alex’s Head to go surfing for the day. After consulting locals and a bit of blood (mine, of course), we made it down to the beach. The three of us each rented a surfboard (I added a wet-suit) and we went out for the day.

The surf wasn’t too great. The wind blew us sideways towards the rocks while making the waves choppy. Taylor caught several waves and managed to stand up on a few. Kit struggled to get out but when she did, she caught a few. Unfortunately, I didn’t get anything. There were a few good waves but I either missed them or had to bail. We all wiped out a fair amount, so we definitely need practice!

After returning the boards, we decided to go and buy some beach toys and eventually bike helmets. Apparently, it’s mandatory in Queensland to wear helmets on a bike and have headlights on during sundown. Who knew? We swiped up a football, an American football, and a one dollar Frisbee…

The next day started out boring doing school and adult things…but it eventually turned into a beach day…because of course it did! However, the wind made it slightly unpleasant. We tossed the football around (the American one, that is) and Taylor even made a great diving catch in the water. We had some great conversation on the beach, such as how Taylor had to drive 3-9 hours just to play high school sports games…Kit and I couldn’t imagine! How nice it is to live in a populated state like Michigan or Massachusetts.

When we got sick of the sand blasting our bodies, we packed up and walked around at the shops for a little bit before catching a bus home. We’ll probably sleep well for the night.

Always be ready for the day.

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