Lisa Falls in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah

Lisa Falls is a neat falls flowing over slickrock towering well over 30 feet tall! It feautres spectacular views of Little Cottonwood Canyon, and is also a common slab for rock climbing. The trail itself is short: 0.3 miles as reported on AllTrails, and approximately 100 feet of elevation change. This is a very short … Continue reading Lisa Falls in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah

Roberts Point Hike

My legs were dead after this. But it was worth every step. This trek was 12.9 kilometers and the estimated time was roughly five and a half hours. I only had four and a half hours, so I embarked with speed. I didn't realize how hard it would hit me in the end. It was … Continue reading Roberts Point Hike

Iguazú Falls

Wow. Pictures really can't do this waterfall justice. I have almost no words to describe this experience, so this will be brief. It's. Just. Beautiful. There were several different routes that lead to different parts of the falls. We went to a lot of them and they led to terrific views. There simply was not … Continue reading Iguazú Falls