Lisa Falls in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah

Lisa Falls is a neat falls flowing over slickrock towering well over 30 feet tall! It feautres spectacular views of Little Cottonwood Canyon, and is also a common slab for rock climbing. The trail itself is short: 0.3 miles as reported on AllTrails, and approximately 100 feet of elevation change. This is a very short trail to a beautiful falls, and one of my favorite places to come and ponder. You can climb up on the left side if you have a little courage and aren’t afraid of heights.

Snowmelt helps make this waterfall full in spring and early summer!

The best time to do this trail is in spring, so you get the full waterfall careening over the rocks. It is generally full in early May through mid-June, and will get lower as the season moves on due to decreasing snowmelt. Make sure you hit it soon!

Have a good walk to the waterfall! If you’re looking for another waterfall, check out Hidden Falls in Big Cottonwood Canyon!

Parting shot:

The view of Little Cottonwood Canyon from the vista point at Lisa Falls. Beautiful!

Next blog: More in Salt Lake? Or shall we venture to Southern Utah?

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