How to Spend A Day In Malibu, California

Ahh, Malibu, California. My favorite place in all of this beautiful state. The beaches are pristine, the location is sublime, the hiking is gorgeous and the barking seals sing a sea-shanty-worthy chorus. It truly is a destination among all in Southern California, and a must-see if you're traveling anywhere from San Diego through Santa Barbara. … Continue reading How to Spend A Day In Malibu, California

Crystal Cove, Laguna Beach | A Photographer’s Paradise

Why do I say it's a photographer's paradise? Because it really is! If you're into landscape and surf photography, this place is a pretty darn good spot for taking breathtaking photos. I don't remember much about visiting Crystal Cove when I had visited in previous years with my family, but this year I got to … Continue reading Crystal Cove, Laguna Beach | A Photographer’s Paradise

Exploring Malibu + Point Dume

Malibu is my favorite spot in the LA area. By far. There's something about the area that has captivated me ever since I visited it for the first time in 2018. The great cliffs that immediately drop off to the ocean, the calm, serene nature of being so close to the hustle and bustle of … Continue reading Exploring Malibu + Point Dume

Drew in Malibu

So driving to Malibu is actually way quicker than biking. Obviously I knew this but experiencing it was something else. "Hey, here's the hill where I realized, 'Huh, this isn't gonna be fun' and started to die on," I told Drew as we reached the first hill I biked up. Yes, I'd just been to … Continue reading Drew in Malibu