Crystal Cove, Laguna Beach | A Photographer’s Paradise

Why do I say it’s a photographer’s paradise? Because it really is!

If you’re into landscape and surf photography, this place is a pretty darn good spot for taking breathtaking photos. I don’t remember much about visiting Crystal Cove when I had visited in previous years with my family, but this year I got to experience it for myself – and through the eye of a photographer! I remembered not liking Crystal Cove as much as I liked Crescent Bay, but that was mainly for the skimboarding. I wish I could’ve gotten to Crescent Bay – that’s a gorgeous spot, too.

Crystal Cove, Laguna Beach.

I parked at the Pelican Point area and walked down to the beach from there after taking a couple photos at the top. I was excited to get down there and explore the beach on foot a little bit! The cliffs at Laguna are pretty stunning and I absolutely love the beach being backed up by towering cliffs! …well, not really towering….but they look pretty darn cool to me!

Water and sand between my toes – a welcome sensation, indeed!

I people watched as I took my photos and there’s something kinda fun about being there by myself. I saw families walk by, couples young and old, and a young mother chasing a cute toddler girl excited about tide pools, followed closely by another daughter. These moments often pass by when I’m with someone else, but I got to take it all in.

Rocky seashores, hunting for tidepools.

I crossed over the rocks and tide pools now being explored by the mother and her two daughters and was met with a pretty vista. Rocks in the water made for a beautiful scene, and a father and son surfed with relative easy. I took a couple more photos here, narrowing in on the water on the shore and carving out a path in the sand. I eventually set up my camera to take some HDR shots of the setting sun.

Father and son surfing duo.
Sandy seaweed by the seashore.
Rocky shores or old abandoned fortress!?

As the sun set, the air became cooler and I was glad I had brought a sweatshirt. I took a series of shots at different times during the sunset, curious to see what I could capture as the light shifted around. I like pulling the images into Lightroom afterwards and seeing how different each of the shots are, even if they’re only taken a few minutes apart. Here’s some of the results below!

The sun continued to set as I packed away my camera gear and I walked back on the now chilly beach. I don’t get to the beach at all anymore, so I tried to savor this as much as I could! I’m comforted by the fact that this area in California is actually only nine and a half hours away from where I live in Utah, so perhaps I’ll be seeing it a bit more often than not in the future….

Parting shot:

From the bluffs.

Next blog: Nevada, food, Utah….I’ve got quite a lot more blogs that need to be written. This is a fun time for sure! How do we like these laid-back style of blogs?

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