Exploring Malibu + Point Dume

Malibu is my favorite spot in the LA area. By far.

There’s something about the area that has captivated me ever since I visited it for the first time in 2018. The great cliffs that immediately drop off to the ocean, the calm, serene nature of being so close to the hustle and bustle of the city but also far enough away to enjoy some seclusion…to a point.

Malibu State Beach.

I hadn’t ever been to this certain spot of Malibu, but I had seen it when I visited before. I knew I wanted a photo down here at this little secluded beach, and I finally got the opportunity to snag it. It definitely didn’t disappoint.

Secluded beach in Malibu.
Exactly where I want to be.

I hunt out here for a little bit by myself, capturing some photos here and there. I was excited to finally be down here for the first time, but I took less than 30 photos here total! I think I was enjoying the beauty of the beach. I don’t often do this since I’m always trying to get the perfect shot, but perhaps my mind needed to relax a little bit.

Sunset came around sooner than later and I met up with my sister to watch the sunset at one of the viewpoints. I’ve been doing some HDR photography lately, and I took some here! The results were pretty stunning – definitely some of my favorites I’ve ever done!

Perhaps my best HDR shot to date.
The whole scene from the top. It’s too gorgeous in Malibu!

The night ended abruptly (I really don’t appreciate this whole “sun sets at 5pm” thing…and we headed out. Unforeseen events sorta ruined our night, unfortunately, and we eventually parted ways.

Still a good night with some amazing pictures.

Parting shot:

Silhouettes and sunsets.

Next blog: California, Nevada, or Utah?

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