How to Spend A Day In Malibu, California

Ahh, Malibu, California. My favorite place in all of this beautiful state. The beaches are pristine, the location is sublime, the hiking is gorgeous and the barking seals sing a sea-shanty-worthy chorus. It truly is a destination among all in Southern California, and a must-see if you’re traveling anywhere from San Diego through Santa Barbara. And, you can walk among the same ground where the foundations of the late, great Tony Stark’s house used to rest.

The beauty of the ocean strikes my heartstrings once again.

This is usually a yearly trip for me every November when I visit my grandparents for Thanksgiving, but I had the pleasure of going out to California for a week and a half on a family vacation. My younger brother flew in a day after I arrived in California and we both beat the rest of my family to California. So, what better way to spend a day before the rest of our family got here than by going to Malibu to check out the beautiful sights!? I wasn’t sure if my parents would take my other brothers here, so, with little convincing, we drove up the coast to Malibu.

The gorgeous coastline!
Some barking seals on the rocks below. They always seem to gather here!
Brother walks ahead of me up the trail to the cliffs of Malibu.

Once we found a parking spot (as of June 2022, there’s extremely limited parking by Point Dume – prepare to walk a little!), we circled the bluff very quickly, dropped down to the beach for a quick bathroom break, and then headed back up the bluffs to explore more. It’s kind of funny – this area is super small in terms of acreage, but I always seem to find something here that I’ve never seen before. I’ll get to the new part later on! As we ascended the little trail, we saw climbers on a rock wall. I’ve never photographed them before, but here they are!

A couple climbers fix ropes for their buddies down below.
From what I’ve seen, there are many routes up and down this slab. Must make for a fun day!

We continued on up the bluff and entered via the main entrance. We spotted a few friends along the way, and I stopped to take some photos of the plants and cacti. There’s also some neat architecture – these people are living the good life here in Malibu!

A lizard walks on the trail – we both nearly stepped on him since he blends in so well!
A cactus shows off a blooming flower.
It’s some…interesting architecture, that’s for sure! Tony Stark would be proud.

From here, we entered the area I’d never reached. I’m still not sure how I’d never walked this area but alas, we found our way down to what seemed to be a secluded beach! I can see why I’d never been to this area before – it’s quite hidden and the way down is decently harrowing. It’s a steep, sandy, rocky descent that’s so difficult, ropes were installed to aid with the descent. If you’re afraid of falling, I wouldn’t take yourself or any kiddos here!

Back into the park!
A mix of wooden boardwalks and sandy trails cover the walking and hiking trails here.
The view overlooking our descent. It’s just beautiful!

You’ll take a small trail down a mostly shaded route until you reach a large dropoff with a couple ropes hanging onto a metal post. Grab the rope and descend slowly and carefully until you reach the bottom! The descent only takes a few seconds, but it’s pretty steep and slippery with sandy rocks. Take your time and leave plenty of room for the person in front of you!

The brother descends the rope like a total boss.

Down here, a nearly untouched beach awaits your sandy footprints. There were a few other people down here, and I was impressed with how many people decided to make that descent! The beach was scattered with rocks, shells, branches, and seaweed. It was soo picturesque!

Waves break on the sand and crash onto the shore.
A large branch sits on the shore. Do you ever make up stories as to how objects arrive on the seashore?

We walked the beach a little bit further until we found a rather funny sight: there was a giant staircase leading from the bluffs above to the beach below. Yeah, we had just taken the old, hard route to the beach. We had a good laugh at ourselves and climbed the stairs to the top of the bluff once again. That’s how all those families with little kids got down to the shore!

There’s some stairs you can take from the bluff to the beach if you’d so like.
The stairs were much easier. I wonder if Hulk would agree!

Other Malibu Attractions

Aside from the beautiful Point Dume State Park and beautiful beaches, a visit to Malibu Pier is a must if you’re in the area! You’ll catch surfers riding waves in from the end of the pier to the shore. And, if you have the time, a scenic drive through the winding Malibu hills is a beautiful way to fill your day up with more beauty. Total drive time is just under 20 minutes! The Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area is a beautiful part of Southern California – and massively underrated. I’ve never done this trail, but Escondido Falls is supposed to be absolutely gorgeous! I guess it’s just another reason I’ll have to head back to Malibu!

Top off your day with a dinner visit to Paradise Cove Beach Cafe. I’ve eaten here before and the nachos are delicious. Finish it off with your favorite burger and head back to Point Dume for a gorgeous sunset.

I’ll leave you with this shot below – I’m just so in love with the cliffs here. Until next time!

Parting shot:

The beautiful beach below. There’s more seclusion and far less people here.

Next blog: San Diego is on the menu. And, the happiest place on Earth.

5 thoughts on “How to Spend A Day In Malibu, California

  1. Yay, you were in my neck of the woods! Malibu is a bit far out from where I am in Los Angeles, but it’s such a beautiful place. I especially love El Matador Beach, where one can go under the rock caves during low tide and get awesome shots there (I’ve even seen a wedding photoshoot there!). Can’t wait to read more about your time in my home state!

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    1. Yeahh, heck yeah!! It was awesome! My family is down in the Orange County area, so it’s definitely a bit of a drive. I did an internship out in Marina del Rey in 2018, so my area of expertise is from El Segundo to Malibu and I love the Malibu coastline so so much! There’s still so much I need to explore there!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I had forgotten that the late and great Tony Stark used to have a house here…

    The rock cliffs are so different from anything I’ve ever seen! Very captivating. I also love the shot of your brother going down the rope. Definitely like a boss!


    Liked by 1 person

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