Hiking Up Albion Basin at Alta | Pre-Season Snowboarding

An early snow season means hiking season just got a whole lot more intense. Instead of hiking with an intense pack, sweating the entire time and swatting away bugs, I put on some snow-pants, tie up my snowboarding boots, strap a snowboard to my pack, grab my poles, and head up the mountain!

Hiking to Devil’s Castle in Alta, Utah

Want some serious exposure? You'll get it with Devil's Castle in Alta, Utah. This hike is no joke, and definitely not for the faint of heart!

Summiting Sugarloaf Peak in the Wasatch Mountains, Utah

The Beta There's a couple way to go this mountain. There's the popular route, which I will explain, as well as the way I decided to take. You can also cut down on this hike by parking at Albion Basin, which I will explain in the 'Need To Know" section later on. For now, let's … Continue reading Summiting Sugarloaf Peak in the Wasatch Mountains, Utah