Hiking Cecret Lake & Albion Meadows In Alta, Utah

Arghh!! Over a week without a new post and I’m so behind!! This past June and July have been absolutely bonkers with travel to different parts of the country. It’s incredible how easy it is to lose my spot on my blog – I’ll go hard for a few weeks or a few days and then totally forget. I’ve been out with family, Mercedes, and hiking in the glorious wonderland of Utah. Among all these adventures, a common theme prevails: it’s all been part of an absolutely killer summer. So, let me share some photos from a July hike to Cecret Lake!

Cecret Lake on a sunny day. How beautiful!
I always love seeing Devil’s Castle looming in the distance.

I’ve hiked to this lake before, so if you want the beta from the hike, check out my previous blog here! Hiking to Cecret Lake is likely going to be a yearly event for me. During July, the wildflowers are in full bloom and the way to the lake is absolutely stunning. This year, I managed to hike right before they started their full bloom, so I ended up making two trips. The lake was as full as I’ve ever seen it, but the flowers were something new! And, it’s always a pleasure to see the mighty Devil’s Castle in its full summer glory.

Flowers mark the way to Cecret Lake!

Albion Meadows is famous for its fields of wildflowers. They generally start to bloom mid to late July and last through mid-August if the intense sun and heat lay off. Photographers and families flock to these fields for photoshoots during this time period, so, if you plan on hiking the Albion trail or Catherine’s trail, expect to encounter all sorts of people!

At Cecret Lake, you’ll find a little solitude from all the people. There will still be plenty of hikers on a summer’s day!
The trail down from the lake.

If you’re looking to spot wildflowers, make sure you hike this trail sometime in late July to early August! If you’re too early, like me, you’ll see throngs and throngs of wildflowers ready to pop. It’s sometimes a bummer realizing you’re too early, but the plus side is you’ll have this trail nearly all to yourself. And, the lake will be just as gorgeous.

These wildflowers are ready to pop any week now…
In late June and early July, there are a few water crossings with decent water levels! And sometimes snow!

I’m going to be writing my next series of blogs soon. I have some visits to California and Yellowstone in my backlog, and a few other scattered adventures in Utah. I’ll be catching up slowly but surely, and ideally I’ll be back in good shape before you know it.

Bon voyage and good luck wildflower hunting!

Parting shot:

For now, the chairlifts hang dormant in the sky.

Next blog: No promises but I’m hoping it’s going to be California.

6 thoughts on “Hiking Cecret Lake & Albion Meadows In Alta, Utah

  1. Gorgeous scenery all around! I feel you on staying consistent with blogging: for me, I’ve learned just to crank out a ton of blogs in one go over a few days and schedule them over the course of several months. But regardless, it’s completely fine not to post and to get caught up in the adventure of it all! Can’t wait to see what you were up to in California, my home state!

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    1. Rebecca, I cannot believe how quick you are to see my blogs!! I’m flattered! I am the worst at keeping consistent. I’ll do exactly what you do – write four in a night, schedule them out a few days apart, let them run, and then FORGET to write more the next week. It’s just a continuous cycle. As of this message, I just wrote the above blog and I finished up a California blog. It’ll be out in a few days! 🙂

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