Hiking Up Albion Basin at Alta | Pre-Season Snowboarding

Snowboarding at Alta? Sign me up!

An early snow season means hiking season just got a whole lot more intense. Instead of hiking with an intense pack, sweating the entire time and swatting away bugs, I put on some snow-pants, tie up my snowboarding boots, strap a snowboard to my pack, grab my poles, and head up the mountain! Most people prefer to skin up, and that’s because basically every hardcore skier in Utah has a front country and backcountry ski setup. I don’t have that yet….but maybe I will soon!

The day started by driving through a rather foggy canyon. I was actually a little worried that visibility was going to be pretty detrimental and I wouldn’t get a change to snowboard. I’ve never seen fog this intense in Salt Lake before! I arrived at the base of the mountain, and the thick fog was still present. Check out the photo below to see how bad it was! Utah had a few days of warming temperatures, and a little bit of rain at the lower elevations. It likely was just moving through the mountains. The air was still cool, and made for a great hike.

As I ascended more and more in elevation, the fog became thinner, and eventually, I breached the fog layer, and was looking out over the beautiful Albion Basin. I’d never actually seen Alta from this angle with snow covering the mountains, for obvious snowboard related reasons. It was so stunning! I may need to rent skis and go to Alta once or twice this season….

Beautiful views at Alta!
Looking over Albion Basin.
A higher view of Devil’s Castle. It looks magnificent covered in snow.
Nearly at the top of my line! Go me!

The ride down was awesome, and the snow was pretty good there, too! Alta is usually one of the first resorts skiers will hit during preseason since there’s so many great features here. I just had to try it once! And, in fact, a few days later, I went here with my friend Andrew and we had a blast. The snow was pretty fair for most of the mountain, and the conversation up was awesome, too! Up until this trip, I had done all of this by myself. Now, I’ve got a buddy for future trips!

Andrew transitioning near the top of Sugarloaf.
Comin’ in hot!
Andrew tearing it up!

That’s all from me today. I hope this was a fun one to read! There will be more skiing and snowboarding focused blogs in the future….I promise you that!

Parting shot:

Next blog: I’ve got some exciting news! I opened an online print shop! Details to come, but you can check it out now if you’d like – find it right here!

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