Touring the Majestic Hotel del Coronado In San Diego

This hotel is a must-see if you’re traveling through San Diego for the day. San Diego is known for its beautiful city, stunning beaches, aircraft carrier museum, the beautiful Coronado Island, and the southwesternmost point of the United States. I’ve been to Coronado before (November 2021 and in prior years), but never toured the hotel. In fact, I didn’t even know what the hotel was until my family decided to take a detour through the hotel and walk around!

The hotel as it appears from the beach. The sand here is the softest sand in the world!
The architecture is intricate.

Taking in the hotel from the beach is one thing. It’s enormous! The white and red colors give stark contrast to the scenery around it, which is one of the reasons it stands out so much. It’s just some beautiful beachside eye candy.

More eye candy – a U.S. Navy ship sits out beyond the shore.
Point Loma looms in the distance. It’s the last place in the United States where the sun sets!

As we made out way over towards the hotel, we saw some sand sculptures in the sand. It took all of my strength to NOT knock them over. They were pretty impressive! I admire the patience and delicate hands of the architect who made them.

It happened to be the Summer Solstice, as it turned out.
An important message.

Once you arrive at the back entrance to the hotel, you’re greeted with a bar and restaurant! It was packed as it was nearly past dinnertime, and I can only imagine the wait times to get a table. Luckily, we were just passing through onwards into the hotel. As we entered, a small exhibit showed the layout of the entire property. We then passed through a small mall area until we finally arrived at the main lobby of the hotel.

The bar and restaurant await the sun-bathed human!
A layout of the property.

I didn’t take very many pictures of the inside of the hotel due to weird lighting, but the few shots I did get show the enormity of the hotel. It’s so nice. Like, it’s so nice in here. My siblings and I looked up the prices to stay here for a couple nights and whew, it’s expensive! Maybe once in my lifetime, I’ll be able to stay here and not worry about my bank account dropping…

The floor is pristinely clean, even though people walk right off the beach. It’s incredible!
Looking down at the lobby from the floor above. The chandelier is beautiful!

This is about as far as we were able to go without tramping into someone’s room for the night. The rest of the hotel is for overnight guests only! If you’re in the area, it’s definitely worth the brief walkthrough.

I’ll be trying to get through my California blogs as quickly as I can so I can move onto Yellowstone. Only a few more from California!

Parting shot:

The courtyard from the first-floor deck.

Next blog: The U.S.S. Midway.

7 thoughts on “Touring the Majestic Hotel del Coronado In San Diego

  1. Yes! I visited Hotel del Coronado (inside and out) when I visited SD in June! Apparently, it’s the largest and oldest wooden hotel in the world(?!). I also saw the exact sand castles on our walk along the strand: on the contrary, I wasn’t tempted to destroy them, just because they were too beautiful (and the owner/artist was right there)!

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    1. IS IT REALLY!??! I am unsurprised that it’s the largest and oldest wooden hotel. This thing is massive!! I’m sure there was a little piece of you that wanted to belly flop the castle though, riiiiight?? They are incredibly beautiful, I’ll give ya that!

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