Little Cottonwood Creek Trail in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah

The Little Cottonwood Creek Trail is a 9-mile trail that starts neat Temple Quarry at the bottom of Little Cottonwood Canyon (LCC) and ends at the Tanner Flat campground. It features approximately 1800 feet of elevation gain, and is open for hiking, walking, trail running, and mountain biking,

The power of the river picks up in spring! See the new buds of spring with fresh snowmelt.

This trail features a river throughout its entirety, and the roaring sound of fresh spring runoff can usually overpower the road noises that come from just beside it.

If you’re local to the area, start doing this trail in late April and do it every week until the middle of June to see the rising water from snowmelt.

Consider taking a walk on this trail if you want to see LCC at a slower pace! The smells of pine trees, fresh water, and the gentle grade make for an enjoyable experience. There are plenty of areas to pull off on the side and marvel at the power of the river, and many access points to start and end at this trail. Walk as far as you want from one access point, and then pick a different point a different day. You’ll spot something new every day when you come here!

A bit of a self portrait on the river!

This is personally one of my favorite trails, even though it’s so easy. Prepare to potentially get your feet wet, and bring a pair of chacos, tevas, or other sandals suitable for water! One of the nice things about this trail includes many places to pull over and see the power of the river. People string up hammocks around trees and read, and many sit by the riverbanks soaking it all in.

There are no bugs in early April to early May, and even in June, you’ll find solace in the moderate temperatures. Hike this route in spring, and then hit it in mid-October for a furious display of the Wasatch Mountains in full fall bloom!

See you on the next one!

Parting shot:

Down to the water level. It was pounding!

Next blog: There is so much to say about Escalante and the one small section me and some friends hit in May. Hang tight, more is on the way!

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