Hiking Grandeur Peak Trail | Church Fork Trailhead, Millcreek Canyon, Utah

One of the views from the top.

Grandeur Peak is a wonderful route near Salt Lake City. Taking the Church Fork route from Millcreek Canyon, the trail is approximately 7.04 miles round trip with an elevation gain of 2562 feet. Contrary to the AllTrails description, I clocked this trail at over a mile and a half longer than it was listed. This hike took me a little less than three hours to complete, and I had pretty good pacing coming down, at nineteen and a half minute miles.

A red trail to the top of a snowy mountain. Utah is rad!

It should be noted that this trail is pretty gradual getting up to the peak. There are plenty of gentle switchbacks up and down the trail, and it slowly creeps through trees before becoming fairly exposed. It was a very warm, sunny early May day when I attempted it; sunscreen and water are certainly must-have items!

Beautiful canyon views on the way to the summit.

There are plenty of views along the way, and it’s worth taking a camera, for sure! You get some fantastic views of the north side of the Wasatch Mountains in Millcreek Canyon as you climb up towards Grandeur Peak.

Gorgeous deserts views. It’s breathtaking!

Once you get to the top, you’re greeted with complete, unobstructed 360-degree views of the surrounding areas. You can see the vast majority of the Greater Salt Lake area, as well as East Canyon by I-80, and the beautiful mountains that blanket the Salt Lake Basin.

The glorious Wasatch Mountains of Utah.

On a clear, sunny day like this, the views are quite unbeatable. I was lucky that the temperature was warm, around the mid-70s to low-80s, and there was a constant wind throughout my hike. I never got too hot, and since I applied sunscreen and brought a long-sleeve layer, I didn’t get sunburned. Make sure to bring plenty of water, especially if attempting this in late spring and summer. It’s hot and dry in the desert!

How cool is that!?

Completing this hike in the morning or late evening may be ideal, since temperatures will be coolest at those times of day. A sunset hike could be gorgeous, since you could watch the setting sun over the valley, and hike down in the twilight light. Bring a headlamp if you’re doing it this late!

This view would be fantastic at sunset!

If you’re visiting Salt Lake City, this is a pretty hike with rewarding views! It certainly is one of my favorite hikes to do. Long and rewarding! If you’re planning a trip through Utah, make sure you hit Zion National Park! It’s one of the easiest parks to do in Utah, and it’s absolutely stunning. See my blog on everything you need to know about Zion National Park right here!

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you on the next one!

Parting shot:

A tired dog. This trail is off-leash for dogs on odd-numbered days!

Next blog: More hiking is certainly in store!

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