Hiking the Peekaboo Trail in Bryce Canyon National Park

Near the start of the Peekaboo trail, once you’ve reached the canyon floor.

Perhaps my favorite trail in the park, the Peekaboo Loop trail in Bryce Canyon National Park is an absolute beauty! The trail itself is 5.2 miles long with a total elevation gain of 1,453 feet and is most commonly done as a loop trail. The trail starts near Bryce Point; you traverse down a series of switchbacks until you get to your first crossroads. From there, do the trail in either direction! I usually go right, making this trip counter-clockwise. Sometimes, park rangers say you must complete the trail in a certain direction. Be sure to pay attention to all signs!

Remember to check local closures – access to this trail is limited in winter months, as the main trail down from Bryce Point is routinely closed every winter due to snow and ice. When this is closed, the trail is conditionally still open, but is only accessible from Sunset Point. The trail becomes a bit longer, but is still quite beautiful!

A perfectly blue and sunny day in Bryce Canyon!

The trail itself is an absolute joy to walk through. It’s a fairly easy trail and very well maintained, making it accessible to most! Some people may think it’s easier than others do – there’s a significant drop in elevation at the beginning, but once you’re on the floor of the canyon, there’s minimal elevation change. The challenge begins once you begin to ascend to the top again!

A doorway to the desert hoodoos!

This trail is filled with all sorts of beautiful scenery, and has a fair amount of small tunnels and doorways! These not-so-hidden gems are certainly rewarding, even if it doesn’t take much to find it!

Can you spot the two windows?

Make sure to keep an eye out for these windows while on your hike. These are the beginning stages of hoodoos – it’s quite the amazing geological process!

There’s also quite the location for a bathroom, too. This is an unmarked location – see if you can find this, too! It is actually open for business, too. However, it has seasonal openings and closures. It was closed by the time I was there in October and November!

All smiles for our ascent back up. Well, at least on my sister.

No matter the season, Bryce Canyon is absolutely beautiful! However, each season does have its own challenges. In the summer, higher temperatures are common through the middle of the day, although it doesn’t reach much higher due to elevation. Fall and spring have fewer crowds, but the end of fall and beginning of spring mean cooler temperatures at night, and big temperature fluctuations. Make sure to pack layers! In winter, the park does get snowfall – and sometimes so much snow that certain parts of the park close!

Be sure to pay attention to all weather related information. Bryce Canyon NP posts updates on their social media pages with regards to inclement weather. Be sure to check it for real time updates!

That’s all on this one. If you’ve done this trail, leave a comment! I’d love to share experiences! If you haven’t it’s certainly a fun one! You can find some other hikes in Bryce Canyon around my blog. Be sure to check out the Navajo and Queen’s Garden Loop, and treat yourself to at least some of the Rim Trail while you’re here!

See you on the next one, and happy hiking! Bring lots of water!

Parting shot:

Next blog: The weather is warming up in Salt Lake and the first hikes of the spring season have been hiked.

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