Cornstalks + Pumpkins x The Muggery

So, my lovely friend Hannah asked me if I would shoot some product shots with her. Absolutely!

I’ve done a couple product shoots in my time and I honestly love them. They’re a bit different than the normal portrait shoots I do, and they allow for a lot of creativity, something I really love doing. Hannah wanted to do a fall themed shoot, so we headed to a pumpkin patch and she brought the mugs with her.



Honestly, this sounds sales-y of me but these mugs are seriously high quality – I one hundred percent recommend checking them out! These mugs are well built – trust me on this one!


After Hannah and I finished with the mugs, we messed around in the little cornfield we were in. It seriously was beautiful lighting during this golden hour, and we captured some good shots.


I love that above photo there – it seriously was amazing movement by Hannah and a quick capture by myself to get that photo! Definitely a well created photo. From there, we moved to a little pumpkin patch (this has nothing on a New England patch, however), and Hannah actually picked a pumpkin to take home!


We wrapped from here and discovered a Five Guy’s nearby…so of course, we had to go there. It was a delicious end to a product-tive shoot….get it? Because it was a product shoot?

I’ll go now, see you all soon! 🙂

~ Justin

Parting shot:

One last shot…

Next blog: a lovely little “picnic” with an incredible view…you ready? 🙂 I am!

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