FIVE FOR FRIDAY: It’s Finally Springtime…?

SHHHH!! Don’t say it too loudly…but I think springtime has finally hit Buffalo?

I’m cringing internally because I think Mother Nature is hearing me and changing the weather to the opposite of what I want. This just isn’t what ya want to hear, is it? Let’s travel to the Outer Harbor again. I’ve missed so many blogs because I’ve been busy with finishing this semester in college, job searching, and the Stanley Cup playoffs, of course. Let’s get into it with Faith.

It was such a warm day in Buffalo so Faith and I decided to go to Outer Harbor – as you can tell form the above photos, it was a super clear day so we were hoping to catch an incredible sunset. What we didn’t account for was Tifft Nature Preserve being extraordinarily muddy. We should’ve known because it’s been raining quite frequently in Buffalo…oh well. Our shoes suffered a little bit.

From there we headed over to a little park by the Outer Harbor – the clearness of the day began to fade with cloud cover, resulting in a rather disappointing sunset (clouds blocked the entire thing) and cooler temperatures. We were lucky to catch some sun before the clouds rolled in and captured some pretty photos, too!

I also feel like Faith could be an actress in a big-budget Hollywood film? Check these stills out below and let me know!!

And then here’s some goofiness – if there’s no laughing, it’s not a shoot I did.

And of course, some signature Justin Fague hair flips. She’s pretty good at these, I can’t lie! I love these shots so much, I never get bored of them and I hope you don’t either!

I hope I get back to the regular uploads – ideally, 2-3 a week, but I’m closing out my final semester, so I’m busy! Ahh!! I’ll do my best, of course.

Bye for now! 🙂

Next blog. Maybe backtrack a tiny bit to a bit of a colder day but some pretty sweet photos. It’ll be a short one but a good one!

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