Hiking Cecret Lake via Albion Meadows, Utah

The Beta

Cecret Lake from Albion Basin is a 5.6 mile out-and-back trail that goes through Alta Ski Resort and features 1,256 feet of elevation change. This trail features is best used from mid-May to late September and features wildflowers, a grassy meadow, chances to see wildlife, and a lake with views of the Wasatch Mountains. It’s great for all skill levels, including kids! Wear good footwear as there are some loose rock areas throughout the trail.

Cecret Lake through the trees.
Karla by the lake. It was absolutely pouring when we reached the end!

Need to Know

This trail is pretty exposed. You’re walking right on the Alta ski resort for most of the trail until you eventually veer off towards the lake. Plan your visit here on a day with less sun exposure, early in spring or late in fall, and always pack sunscreen and water. There’s a chance to see a moose here, but remember to always stay at least 75 feet away from moose and other large non-predatory animals. Pack some snacks and remember to watch the weather for optimal results.

On the Cecret Lake trail! The views of Albion Basin and Little Cottonwood Canyon are pretty stellar!

Justin’s Story

I’m changing this “suggestion” part to “story” since this was a pretty fun hike. My friend Karla and I knew there was a pretty good chance for thunderstorms and rain while we were hiking, so we came prepared with water, food, raincoats and an umbrella. Sure enough, it did rain, and it was a downpour! It even hailed for a little bit, which was quite the experience. We took some cover behind some large trees and were largely unaffected by the pelting hail and cold rain. We ate our food there and decided to wait out the storm so we could get to the lake – we literally stopped about 50 feet short because it started raining so hard!

Once the rain started to subside, we rushed out and grabbed a bunch of photos, and about 30-40 minutes after it started pouring, the rain was completely gone. It was so weird! The clouds moving through the mountains proved to be unmatched in beauty. I’ve never seen something quite like this in Utah!

By the lake after a torrential downpour! It rained very hard for a solid 30 minutes!
Some random lady insisted on taking photos of us, so here you go!

Take A Hike!

Head out on the trail and be prepared! We saw another duo with backpacks and raincoats, saw a couple people turn back due to weather, and one group that had one water bottle between three people, no backpacks, no raincoats, and all were wearing short sleeves and shorts. It was cold up at the lake and in the rain – perhaps as low as mid 40s! Know before you go, be prepared for the worst possible conditions, and have a great hike!

Want to hike more lakes in Utah? Head over to Lake Mary, or loop three lakes together in the Brighton Lakes Loop!

See you on the next one!

Parting shot:

At Cecret Lake! Where to next!?

Next blog: Let’s dry off a little bit, shall we?

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