Bryce Canyon National Park | Rim Trail Guide | All You Need To Know!

This trail is a 1.0-11.0 mile hike that has a total elevation change of 1177 ft., if doing the whole trail. It features stunning views overlooking the hoodoos and Bryce Canyon, as well as more stunning views off in the distance of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. From Sunrise to Sunset Point, the trail is paved, making it very accessible for more people, and is 0.5 miles point to point (1.0 mile round trip). While the rest of the trail is mostly flat and packed dirt, it is not paved.

There are parts of the trail that are shaded and parts that are not. Make sure to bring water or Gatorade, a hat if it’s sunny, and good footwear; strapped sandals will work! Bring a camera if you want! There is not a bad time to visit the park, but crowds are diminishing in late September and October. My recommendations is to go between late September and late October for the best temperatures and smaller crowds. April and May could yield some snow and ice still on the trails!

Overlook on the Rim Trail in Bryce Canyon National Park near Sunrise Point.

One of the great parts of this Rim Trail is that it can be done three ways: all at once, point to point, round trip, or in smaller chunks. This trail begins at Fairyland Point and continues all the way until Bryce Point. However, for example, if you are doing the Fairland Loop trail, you will knock off a significant chunk of the Rim Trail by doing that route. So for most people, it makes sense to do it in smaller chunks. Here are the small chunks you can do, and be mindful, these routes can be done the way suggested, or in reverse!

  1. Cover the north end of the Rim Trail through the Fairyland Loop Trail
  2. Bryce Point to Inspiration Point
  3. Sunrise Point to Sunset Point OR Sunrise Point to Inspiration Point
  4. Sunset Point to Inspiration Point
Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument visible in the background on the Fairyland Loop part of the Rim Trail.

Near the Sunrise Point part of the Rim Trail, spectacular views of the hoodoos can be seen, as well as Silent City, a towering group of hoodoos that looks like (you guessed it) a city! It’s quite beautiful and a little eerie. If you’re up and at it early in the morning, this can be especially eerie since not many other people may be on the trail, making it even more beautiful!

Overlooking Silent City in Bryce Canyon, UT.
Overlooking Sunrise Point near Inspiration Point.

Moving closer to Inspiration Point, as pictured above, sweeping views of the most photographic part of Bryce Canyon National Park captures the eye. Bright blue skies early in the morning make for the best photos! You’ll be able to see Sunrise Point from Inspiration Point, and also the upcoming Bryce Point, should you choose to continue further.

View from Bryce Point.

At Bryce Point, you can clearly see the beauty right in front of you. Able to see both Inspiration Point and Sunrise Point from this vantage, Bryce Point offers an even more sweeping view of the National Park, with a near 360 degree view of the surrounding area! It is definitely worth it to see this view. But, be mindful of this area. Even when visiting in September, crowds are plentiful, so you need to get there early or be prepared to circle the lot for a bit. Ideally, if you want to see this view, get here early and get an early start on the Peekaboo Loop trail!

Be sure to check out my other trail guides for Bryce Canyon on my blog! Read up on the Navajo and Queen’s Garden trail, and discover the beauty of the Peekaboo Loop trail.

Have fun and happy hiking! Bring sunscreen and water!

Parting shot:

Bryce Point.

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