A Shorty in Provo Canyon

Like, this is seriously going to be a shorty. We had no idea but honestly, we should’ve known better?

Ah, getting callbacks to Richard Marx’s song “Should’ve Known Better” now, geez…

Anyways, Hannah wanted to do a fall themed photoshoot, to which I said “Heck yes, let’s do this thing” but we sorta kinda really epicly failed at this shoot. Yes, that sentence makes sense, don’t correct me!

We failed to realize that the leaves in the mountains might’ve fallen because fall happens quick here in Utah. Perhaps it’s the altitude and the dramatic shift in temperature, but wow, this place was pretty dead! Still, we made do and got some interesting photos with a very weird mood.

It’s weird to express it – we were expecting fall colors galore and she dressed for the occasion. What happened instead was a joyfully dressed girl in a dead world, almost giving off post-apocalyptic themes. It was eerie.

Imagine living in that kind of world…pop culture has many takes on what a distant dystopia would look like, each concerning different catastrophic events. Some are a world of undead, others suffering major climate natural disasters, and some with a world-ending nuclear fallout. I wonder what happens to art in these times.

I wonder if there will still be people dressed to the best to impress. Would we completely lose this?

Parting shot:

Not knowing of what is to come.

Next blog: That was a curveball of a blog, wasn’t it? Don’t expect that in the future, unless you liked the theme! I’m happy to talk about random thoughts I have, and honestly, this was quite fun to write! So, maybe do expect things like this in the future! Just not the next blog. Stay tuned! Bring coffee or tea 🙂

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