Bear Lake

I finally got up there and wow…

People had been telling me about Bear Lake since about the second week I got to Utah and I finally gave in to all the hype and got myself up there for a day.

It didn’t disappoint!

I went up to Logan to meet my friend Mercedes and we headed onward the next day to spend the better part of the day up there. Bear Lake spans across the border of Utah and Idaho, and honestly, it’s a pretty massive lake! Nestled in between some mountains, it’s seriously the perfect oasis.

We got up there around 10am or so and we started walking around different souvenir shops, because of course that’s what I do. If ya don’t know me, I have a thing for hats…and I have quite a few of them! So, I found one and bought it for myself…sort of…

Yeah, we kinda “shared” it for the majority of the day…meaning she basically wore it all day. I have it now, but honestly, it looks wayyyy better on her than me! ANYWAYS I suggested we drive around the whole lake so we could see everything and she told me she hadn’t ever done that before! So, we drove and got out, drove and stopped, and so on! I honestly didn’t take too many pictures because I was focusing on spending the day with her, but we got some good ones on this beach in Idaho!

We had a little beach picnic and it might’ve been the greatest thing ever excepttttt for the insane wind that hit us! It literally blasted us and got alllll over my apple, and I was so sad (I performed surgery and saved the apple later). Alas, we packed it up and continued to drive around the lake. It seriously was the perfect day for it.

Oh, and we also decided to take a couple pictures together but like, no one else was around and I didn’t bring a tripod…so we used the trunk of the car!!

After fooling around at the vista, we continued driving but it wasn’t long until I said “Stop stop STOPPP!!” and woah……

This roughly wrapped up the photography part of the day. I didn’t take my camera out much more, save for one little spot on the road and to explain some camera stuff to Mercedes. Lots of times, I’d rather be living in the moment, especially if I have my camera with me. I know that if something cool arises, I can grab my camera, snap the photos or videos, and get back to reality, but usually, if I don’t have my camera, all I can think about is how I don’t have my camera. It’s almost reverse psychology, in a way.

But hey, I can’t complain. It was a beautiful day.

Parting shot:

Westward bound 🙂

Next blog: I have a few lined up…but boy oh boy, I need to catch up full time. We’ll try to make these more regular, yeah?

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