Flock to Frock

Yeah, yeah, bit weak up there but gimme a break.

It turns out that biking that 60 miles and meeting Abby paid off literally as I did my first shoot with a clothing line, Frock Fashions. Abby called me at work and left a shaky voicemail. I thought something was wrong so once I listened to it, I stepped out and immediately called her back. She picked up and sounded fine and told me that Frock wanted to shoot with her and asked if I wanted to do the shoot. Uhm, where do I sign?

Sweater weather.
Strut, strut.
Hot chocolate plz?

Shooting for this was a bit different than what I’m used to doing. Since its for a company and they want a particular style, some creative sacrifices had to be made. I didn’t mind this much because it taught me a different style of shooting. I’m open to learning different styles of shooting because that only widens my knowledge in photography.

Happy life.
Thinkin’ bout smoothie bowls.
I love this color.
“Just gimme one sec.”
You need something?

If you couldn’t tell already, this blog is going to be flooded with pictures. We shot a LOT of different styles and I’m proud of a lot of the shots I was able to get. It reminds me of what magazine photos usually look like, so I tried to draw some inspiration from that. I follow Sundance Catalog on Instagram and I absolutely love the shots that they capture. They shoot in very interesting places and have a certain light that’s always present in their photos. Frock Fashions does the same (and you may notice that the lighting here is different than my other photos for that very reason) but that’s what’s unique about them.

Beach time?
Work ootd.
Green ivy.

It’s unique because it’s their style. Again, this gets me a bit out of my comfort zone and makes me do something different. I like that.

Love it or leave it.
Walking towards the weekend like…
This dress.
White top.
Red rozes.

The shoot was a smacking success. I was thrilled to have my first brand deal and really owed it to Abby, but also to myself. I’ve been creating seriously for over a year now and it’s wonderful to reap the benefits of all those long days shooting.

Persevere and strive on.

Parting shot:

Red, white, and blue-tiful.

Next blog: revisiting a hobby started in Argentina and more…

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