A Ski Film in Honeycomb Canyon, Solitude Resort

Yeah, so this isn’t the typical blog. I actually don’t even really have photos to share from this day since all I did was shoot lots and lots of video! I’ve been wanting to make a little ski edit or ski film for some time now, and I’ve had some thoughts in my head about doing a film series project. My love for the outdoors is enormous, as I’m sure you know. One thing I also love to do is storytelling, hence the blog! However, lately, that hasn’t been enough. I want to tell stories through video, and not just my stories, but other people’s stories. Their stories, their words, their passions. This wasn’t necessarily what I had in mind for the project, but it’s a good start for me. So, here’s the first part!

Next blog: Back to regularly scheduled programming. More skiing, of course!

8 thoughts on “A Ski Film in Honeycomb Canyon, Solitude Resort

    1. It was awesome! I love shooting while I’m skiing and I generally only stick to photos. The line I saw him attempt before meeting him was just too rad to not capture on video! And then that sparked my desire to shoot some film, so, here we are!

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