Paddle Boarding at Rockport State Park, Utah

Rockport State Park in Utah is a large reservoir along the Weber River in Summit County, Utah. It’s located about 40 minutes east of the Greater Salt Lake City basin, depending on where you’re located. There are eight campgrounds, featuring both RV and tent sites. The main attraction here is batting, whether it be on motorboats, kayaks, or stand-up paddleboards! I checked out the area with a few friends on a weekend in May and it’s definitely a spot worth visiting!

I found this shoreline at Down Under Day Use area!
The rocks protruding out were beautiful! The water was mostly calm in the morning hours.

I drove up here for the day, arriving at around 10am in the morning. The water was calm, and I enjoyed driving around the lake! There’s something about discovering a new body of water that’s so refreshing. Perhaps in Utah, it’s even more refreshing since there’s such a lack of water in this region! This giant reservoir is a dam built on the Weber River, but it seems like it could have occurred naturally. That’s the cool thing about this state park in particular!

My little camp on the beach!
The green hills, the near cloudless sky, the blue water…it’s all gorgeous!

Need to know

There’s a $12 entrance fee to use this particular part of the park. You can also purchase a pro-rated Utah State Parks pass to use at ANY Utah State Park. They’re doing something different this year with their passes – all passes bought in this calendar year will be pro-rated for that month, and expire on December 31st, 2022. Then, in 2023, all passes will be $100, no matter what time of ear you buy the pass. It’s a little strange, but that’s what the ranger told me! I’m just passing it along. If you purchased a pass last year, say, in September, your pass will still be good until October of 2022. You can then purchase a pro-rated pass for the rest of the year if you desire.

The board I have is a High Society Freeride board. I bought it last summer and it’s fantastic! It’s a great iSUP setup and I definitely recommend them! If you want to learn more about this board, I went into it at length in this post!

My High Society Freeride iSUP is amazing!

Have Fun!

Have a great time here! There’s plenty to do in the water, and you could easily spend a day by the lake or spend a relaxing weekend here camping in one of the eight campsites. If you’re interested in more Utah state parks, check out my blogs on Kodachrome State Park!

See you out there!

Parting shot:

I was *barely* able to get both of my friends in this shot!

Next blog: I guess it’s hiking season now. I’ve done a couple, so get ready!

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