Skiing At Big Sky Resort In Montana | Day Three

Sometimes, all good things have to come to an end. It’s a major bummer, that’s for sure, but the third and final day delivered something very special. Overnight, nearly a foot of snow dropped onto Big Sky, with well over a foot in some places. I mean, can you ask for a better send-off from a rad ski area!? After getting coffee again at Mazevo Coffee Roasters & Espresso Bar (Google review here), we hit the long road to get to Big Sky. We were stoked to get going on our day and split up after our first run together so we could each powder chase different terrain. My skinny skis weren’t holding up too well, but they were definitely cruising through the untouched snow. It was just phenomenal!

The 8-pack chair has heated seats and a bubble to protect the riders from wind and snow. It’s actually pretty cozy!

I decided to stay pretty local and go down a bunch of wide-open runs. I figured they would have some good powder, and they absolutely did, even for a Sunday! Today we experienced the least amount of lines, which was so surprising to me. In Utah, if there are even a few inches of snow, the canyons are packed with cars and the resorts are overcrowded. Here, it was pretty much the opposite!

Snow-covered trees are so beautiful, right?

The beautiful trees around Big Sky were weighed down with some good, dense snow. It’s definitely not as fluffy as Utah powder, but then again, there’s no place quite like Utah. I took all my pictures riding the chairlift because I wanted to spend every second of my time off the chairlift skiing!

On the way to the top.

There were a few tree runs that were really nice and snowy, and as I was cruising through the trees, nursing some sore legs that were about to get sorer, I reminisced on the trip and how cool it is to visit new mountains. This year, I’ve been to five new mountains, and they were all spectacular in their own ways.

A skier descends a wide run.
The beauty of winter never ceases to amaze me.
Who else loves tree skiing?

Big Sky, you are big and beautiful! I’m hoping to make this a yearly ski trip. The proximity to Utah is just way too incredible! Big Sky has a place in my heart for sure.

If you missed the first two blogs, catch up on Day 1 and Day 2 right now!

I’ll see you on the next one! It’s still ski season in Northern Utah!

Parting shot:

The wind blows some snow off the trees. Time to put the bubble down!

Next blog: More skiing. More stoke!

6 thoughts on “Skiing At Big Sky Resort In Montana | Day Three

  1. Tree skiing? Although I’m not at all a skier, that sounds fun! To watch the blur of pine green and snow zip past your eyes on the run down, it must’ve been a thrilling and beautiful wintry scene!

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