Skiing At Big Sky Resort in Montana | Day One

Okay, wow. Big Sky is BIG. It’s just gargantuan! Enormous! The sky literally is just big out west, and perhaps even more so on the drive up to Big Sky. My friend Andrew and I had planned this trip a few months ago, and it was finally time to experience some of the biggest skiing in North America. We were lucky enough to have recent snowfall in the days before with cold temperatures to keep the snow soft and fluffy. As we drove up, the scene got snowier and snowier. It was just beautiful!

The A to Z chutes sits behind a 6-pack chairlift to the summit.

We were driving through the first part of Big Sky on our way to our lodging in Bozeman, and we caught our first peak of Lone Mountain. We both turned to each other with a look of bewilderment on our faces. It was a perfect blue day, and between the mountains and business stood a huge, towering peak. It was just awe-inspiring!

Lone Mountain sits, well, alone!

Bozeman is a cute little town. We walked the main strip near our hotel, and since we arrived on St. Patrick’s Day, the town was totally popping! There were lots of college kids and tourists alike wandering the streets, and it made the time feel so alive! We didn’t take part in the festivities since we had been driving all day and wanted to make sure we could wake up at a reasonable time. So, we went to bed early and prepped for our ski day.

A closer look at the A to Z chutes. There are people standing atop some of them!

After a quick stop at Treeline Coffee at the Lark (my Google review is here), we began our drive to Big Sky Resort. We arrived early, and couldn’t see much due to low cloud cover and a little bit of fresh snow. We mounted up and took our first chair, a six-pack chair with heated seats and a wind cover, and headed up the mountain. Then, the clouds started to dissipate and I started snapping photos. It was just way too gorgeous!

Looking up towards Lone Mountain and the long summit traverse.
The view from the traverse.
Skiing in state number six! Woo!
The view across the valley. Lodging of Big Sky is seen in the lower half of the photo.
A skier shreds this black diamond bowl!
Another skier carefully chooses her route.

We stayed in this area for quite a while until we got tired of it and wanted to ski something different. Andrew’s eyes kept bugging out for every possible steep skiing opportunity and my eyes kept bugging out for beautiful scenes and legendary photos. So while Andrew skied the steeps, I took some time to capture some beautiful photos and embrace the world around me!

Lone Mountain peaks out in the background. Behind the top of the chairlift is a bootpack to the A-Z chutes.
To hike the bootpack or ski the face. Which will you choose?
Overlooking the beautiful valley. The views here were quite unbelievable!
Thr ridgeline hides the snowy mountains in the background.

I guess the spot I was standing at was a gathering point for many skiers. Two chairlifts dump their skiers at around the same spot, but you’re able to access two different sides to the ridgeline with each chairlift. Skiers were taking photos, looking at the views, and picking their lines all within 30 seconds or a minute. Some people are there for the skiing, and I can totally respect that. Montana has world class skiing! I, for one, just cannot get over how incredible the views were. I wish I had more time so evenly split up skiing and photography!

A couple skiers take in the view before dropping into their line.
The incredible views of Montana.
The jagged peaks make for fantastic photos.
More steeps to ski. There’s an insane amount of terrain here!
Lone Mountain pokes out through the clouds. Apparently, you can see the Grand Tetons from the top of Lone!

The rest of the day consisted of more skiing and less photos. I took quite a few on my first day! Exploring new mountains is always really rewarding. There’s new scenery, new terrain, and new chairlifts to ride. It’s a great time!

I’ll be writing about each day I spent in Big Sky – this is the first of my three skiing days here, so hang tight for more! There’s a lot of photos to get to in the next blogs, including a snowy day.

See you soon!
Parting shot:

The beauty of the mountains will always remain unparalled in my mind.

Next blog: Day two of skiing Big Sky.

13 thoughts on “Skiing At Big Sky Resort in Montana | Day One

    1. Montana is totally the best! I’d only been once previously in 2018 through Helena and Bozeman. Big Sky country is truly real!! I didn’t know you were from there – that’s totally awesome! It’s too stunning!

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  1. Never been to Montana, but I’m dying to check out Glacier National Park sometime. Snow in Montana is absolutely unreal, as evident in your photos, and I’m glad you got to enjoy your passion of skiing, all the while hitting up a new state!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s definitely worth the trek up! We drove through part of Yellowstone NP as well, and that was gorgeous seeing it all covered in snow! It’s just totally beautiful and I loved every second of it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. How lovely! I have not been back to Yellowstone in almost 15 years, so I’m keen on returning sometime (although I think wintertime might be too cold for me, haha)!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. It was incredible! This day could not have been better for photography. I’m so glad I took as many photos this day as I did! Melting snow is my kryptonite…we’re still getting some action here in Utah though!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Again, another lovely coffee shop mentioned. I want to go! That’s on my bucket list now. I’m glad you had fun! My favorite is picture number 6-quite the view!


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