Gnarshralping Honeycomb Canyon at Solitude Mountain

Yeah, this is basically what happened. True story! My friend John and I decided we needed some spring skiing outfits since neither of us had anything, for some odd reason. I had spotted someone wearing USA-themed snow pants, and there are already a plethora of USA snowsuits on the market. So, I descended into some research to find us some cheap but quality USA onesies, and boy did I find a winner!

Tearing through the powder. John is an incredible skier!

These bad boys are super warm and super comfortable, let me tell you that right now! They also command attention, especially when there are two of us. I’ve never been complimented more in a single day – and we only skied for about five hours! The attention was quite remarkable.


Anyways, I brought my camera on our ski day to Solitude and captured some amazing photos of John descending some fluffy powder in Honeycomb Canyon. Enjoy the photos! And if you missed it, check out the Solitude avalanche dog demo blog!

Turning and burning!

Parting shot:

John ripping it up as he passes me on the slope!

Next blog: More Utah for the time being. Three-part blog recap of an epic ski trip coming soon!

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