Skiing Honeycomb Canyon at Solitude Mountain

We covered Honeycomb Canyon in the last blog, but this one has a little more photography involved. I trusted myself a little more to take photos here, apparently! Or it was a better ski day. Whichever it was, it yielded some really awesome ski photos! Andrea had never been up the summit lift, and she’d never peered into Honeycomb Canyon. I got to show her both for the first time, and the experience was just wonderful. I love seeing my friends progress at skiing, and showing them my favorite views and favorite runs. It was just a whole bucket of fun!

Andrea is all smiles as we descended further into Honeycomb Canyon!

Honeycomb Canyon is a plethora of snow, steeps, cliffs, trees, moguls, chutes, couloirs, and skiers. It’s just got everything you’d need to have a great time skiing! There are a lot of access points to enter the canyon, the main one being the chairlift to the summit at Solitude. There’s a boot pack near the top of the chair as well, but it’s been closed often this year due to low snow and dangerous avalanche conditions.

Andrea beginning the traverse along Honeycomb!

The beginning of Honeycomb has three main starting points: a steep descent through a small mogul field, a smoother, steeper run that runs for a long course, or a long traverse that delivers you to tree runs, steep rocky runs, mogul terrain, and backcountry gates. We took the traverse to get to some of the steeper runs, and also to just enjoy the scenic views!

Andrea making her way along the narrow ski track.
The gorgeous views in Honeycomb Canyon get better and better!

Then came the fun skiing. I met up with Andrea after taking the above photos, and we looked for the lines we wanted to take. We talked over form for skiing, where our lines were going to be, and where we would find our exit route. I wanted to set up my camera in a place where Andrea could drop, and also get the best shots. After determining these things, I dropped first, took my camera out, and Andrea took her turn. Here are the results!

Turn ‘n burn it!!
Linking turns together on steep slopes is hard. Andrea nailed it!

Andrea totally nailed her run. She’d mentioned she liked skiing with me because I motivated her to ski harder and ski steeper stuff. She completely ripped this steep section! I think her smile speaks louder than my words will – she was so happy!

Smiling that it happened! Woo! Smashed it with flying colors!
Andrea is elated to have completed this run. We had a good chat for a few minutes right here!

The rest of the day was some super fun skiing. We attended the avalanche dog demonstration (blog here), had some beers as the dog uncovered the ski patrollers, and took it on the easy side! We’ve only got a few more ski days together the rest of the season, and you can bet we’ll be making the best of it!

Parting shot:

Looking on to the next line. Now, for our exit run!

Next blog: Ski trip? It might be time for it. There’s still more skiing in Utah. The photos are endless it seems!

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