A Day Spent by the Atlantic Coast in Maine

As the year comes to a close, hiking blogs are becoming less and less frequent. Snowboarding season is in full swing, and I’m finding myself running out of ideas for the time being. However, there are plenty of trips I took this summer that I never got the chance to write about, and many more guides, travel diaries, and photo galleries that I would love to share during the winter months. One of these such adventures entails a short trip to Boston I took in July to visit my family – and our subsequent trip up to Maine to see the coast.

Lighthouses are a staple along the New England coastline.
There’s no bridge to get to this little home and lighthouse.

I don’t have a terrible amount of photos from this trip, as the point of this trip wasn’t to take photos but to spend the time with my family, and have my girlfriend from Utah meet my parents and siblings. Getting away to Maine was just the escape we needed after we had spent a few days in the classic Massachusetts summer thunderstorms. And, it turned out to be quite the day to visit! Skies were blue, the temperatures were subdued, and the air wasn’t terribly humid. Perfect for a couple of people who live in the desert of Utah!

The rocky coastline of southern Maine. It’s gorgeous!
Green and blue. Staples of the east coast!

We walked the coastline trail for a little bit before finding a small spot to have our picnic lunch by the rocks and water. We watched as surfers swam out and caught waves, some better than others, and listened as the nearby lifeguards swapped duty to have a quick pizza lunch. It was a good day to relax and enjoy the salty air and pretty colors. I haven’t had many days of exploring where the goal is to sit idly by and take in the sights and sounds.

A small bay.
Landscapes like this are what make the east coast so special.

Eventually, we walked back to town and bumped into this beautiful ship that was converted to a restaurant. I didn’t even realize it at first, but how cool would it be to eat dinner in this magnificent boat. We didn’t, opting instead for a place up the road a little, but this is one of my favorite shots to date. The blues are so brilliantly bright and dark at the same time. It’s just a wonderful shot.

Parting shot:

The beautiful restaurant boat.

Next blog: Is it time for skiing yet??

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