An Early Morning At the Salt Flats in NorthWestern Utah

So, full disclosure, I’ve driven through the Salt Flats twice before, earlier this year, when I drove from Salt Lake City to go snowboarding in Lake Tahoe. When I made each of those drives, I didn’t think there was anything particularly magical about the Salt Flats. It just seemed like a desolate wasteland, which is true in some sense of the location. However, after driving out on them with my friend, there’s a bit more to the flats than meets the eye. But, don’t get me wrong: it’s still just endless nothingness until it meets the base of the mountains. Still, it’s cool.

Colors before the sunrise.
Mountain tops on fire with bright, red morning light.
Dan getting the drone in the air…

We managed to get out to the salt flats before the sun rose, and drove out on them a little way to get situated. Dan flew the drone up into the air, and I got my camera ready for some early morning sunrise shots. The sun rose, slowly but surely, and spread its shining rays over the tops of the mountains, illuminating them with first light. The light slowly made its way down the mountains before blanketing the valley floor in beautiful, bright golden morning light.

The sun peeks out from over the mountains and through the clouds.
Mountains loom on the horizon.
The landscape out here is actually quite remarkable.

Once the sun fully hit the mountains and the valley floor, the whole sky and scene became illuminated in a way I had never quite seen before. Since the ground is obviously white because of the salt, the light was reflected nicely, and brightly. It made sunrise seem like it only lasted a few minutes instead of the usual 20 minutes! I kept snapping photos as the sun rose, and I think the difference in some of these shots is astounding. They were only taken a few minutes apart!

Before the sun truly hit the salt flats.
After the sunrise hit the salt flats. Truly magical!

And, that’s kinda where the day just ended. The sun was up, and within the next half hour, we would have been baking in the sun, even at the beginning of November. So, we packed up the car and headed home. A quick stop at Salt Lake State Park finished off the trip by the Great Salt Lake. Which, is pretty cool, I might add.


Parting shot:

Long shadows in the early morning hours.

Next blog: Back to California? Or shall we head somewhere else?

8 thoughts on “An Early Morning At the Salt Flats in NorthWestern Utah

  1. Do you know what’s sad? I’ve lived in Utah my whole life and I’ve never been here! It’s one of those iconic places you need to see for sure – we will need to take a drive out here soon!
    Great photos they are beautiful!

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    1. Whatttt, that’s crazy!! I had only ever driven out there on my way to Tahoe, so I got to see them a little. Driving out there was fun! Not a whole lot to see after you’ve been there….but cool nonetheless!

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  2. I’ve heard of these salt flats in Utah! That, and along with the even-more famous ones in Bolivia, I’m dying to visit them. You’re lucky to be in such a beautiful US state!

    PS Loving your blog so far, so I followed!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, they’re pretty darn cool! It’s eerie how long they expand over the horizon. It’s a must-see at least once! Utah is beautiful! I’m glad you’re loving my blog! I took a little unintended hiatus bit hopefully I’ll be posting more regularly now! 🙂 Stay tuned for some winter photos!

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