A Beach Day + Sunset At Corona del Mar, California

Don’t tell my summer 2021 self this, but it’s actually alright to *not* destroy myself on a hike, or uphill ski tour, or other physical activity just in the name of getting outside. It’s actually alright to take a break every once in a while! I arrived in California for Thanksgiving and had to go to one of my childhood favorite beaches, Corona del Mar. Located just next to Newport Beach, this was one of my mother’s favorites when she was growing up here, so, naturally, it became a frequented beach for our family.

The overlook from Inspiration Point of Corona del Mar, California.
Imagine living in this house, with this kind of view all day and all night.

I got here a little later in the day, but that didn’t stop me from capturing what I wanted to see and shoot. I walked the entirety of the beach, which was maybe the first time in a number of years I had done so. I have no memory of walking the beach, probably because most of the time, I was splashing in the water with my siblings. It was nice to feel the sand between my toes as I walked barefoot down the beach, dancing between children running left and right and every which way.

A wave breaks and crashes to shore. It was nice to hear the sound of the ocean after 5 months!

It was a pretty calm day, as it generally seems to be in November, but there were a fair amount of people in the water. It’s warmer than it was last year – daytime temperatures are getting to the mid-80s, although by the coast it may have been closer to the 70s. Still, it’s a stark difference from the chilly weather I left behind in Utah!

A small cove is visible during low tide by the Newport marina.

Then, the sunset finally came, and I seriously almost missed it! I was enjoying walking back on the beach, watching children splash around, dresses flowing in the wind, and couples walking hand-in-hand down the beach. I managed to capture some photos of the setting sun, and boy, was it pretty. Absolutely captivating!

The beginning of the sunset on the beach.

Soon enough it was time to head back, but not before I snapped a few more photos with a star peeking out in the great blue yonder. I don’t recall the last time I saw a star in the great metro area of Orange County, but then again, I don’t remember the last time I searched. You can bet I made a wish when I saw this star.

A few pelicans enjoying a sunset swim.
A group of scuba divers began their night dive from the beach. I was able to see their lights underwater.

Parting shot:

A lone star keeps watch as the Pacific Ocean goes to sleep.

Next blog: More traveling.

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