A Trip to Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe overlook on U.S. Highway 51, Nevada

I finally got to Tahoe! It’s been a long time coming for sure, but I finally made the trip out here in early March to gorgeous Lake Tahoe in Nevada and California. It sure was a beautiful sight to see, coming over the mountain pass through the Nevada mountains. Snow lined the sides of the road on the entry in, and finally, the sweeping view of Lake Tahoe filled the windshield of my car. It was utterly stunning driving in.

Gorgeous views over Lake Tahoe

Visiting Tahoe really only ensured that I would have to revisit it again sometime. I knew about it from my sister, who a lot closer to it than I do, but I never understood what it really was! We have Bear Lake up in the northern tip of Utah, which spans across the border into Idaho, so I figured it might be similar to that. Not quite! Lake Tahoe is far bigger than Bear Lake, and has a lot more wilderness area to it. It truly is a place beyond wonders!

Ski mountains dot the sides of the lake. Heavenly Mountain has gorgeous views of the lake from the California side!

I was also able to confirm something for my own eyes, something I had only ever heard people talk about or seen in photos: the water seriously is that blue! I wish I got down to the water so I could see it better, but I guess I’ll have to return. I had a couple other things on my agenda this weekend….guess you’ll have to find out about those in my next blog!

Parting shot:

A trip back here is already in the works. And hopefully for longer, too!

Next blog: Going to Tahoe for the Great Outdoors.

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