Familiar Face in a Foreign Place

So I keep running into Kate in different states across the country…


First it was last year in Los Angeles, then later in the year in Buffalo, NY, then back home in Massachusetts where we both live, again in Buffalo, and now Salt Lake City. It’s seriously never planned but I honestly don’t get tired of it. She’s awesome! We always make sure to shoot whenever we’re together, and this occasion was no different.


Since I had literally just moved here and and she had only been here perhaps once or twice, we didn’t have very good leads on where to shoot. Luckily, Kate had just been up around the University of Utah a day earlier and noticed a sweet field with the Wasatch Mountains peeking out in the background. So, we headed there just before golden hour and the results were pretty sweet.


Honestly, whenever the two of us get together, we click instantly. It’s like we never missed a beat, even though it could’ve been months ago when we last shot.


That’s one of the really cool things about having friends in so many different places. I can go to so many cities across the United States and find a friend or two. And seriously, it helps when you know people who live in different cities because you instantly have a free tour guide! If they like ya that much, that is…


Anywho, Kate and I decided to do one of our signature styles of photos – the hair flip. As I looked back on all the photos I’ve taken, I realized that one particular shot was the beginning of my obsession with hair flips. We did a couple more in Utah and they seriously didn’t disappoint. Her hair is seriously insane, y’all.


Unfortunately, the good times came to an end, and I think we both dragged it out as long as we could. I kept taking pictures as we walked back and she kept posing for them. It’s seriously a vibe you can’t get with a lot of other people.


I joked with her afterwards that we need to keep up our streak of hitting different states and running into each other. We’re hoping for Hawaii or Alaska next, but more likely than not, it’ll be either Massachusetts or California. Who knows, maybe we’ll plan to get up to Yellowstone, and then we can hit three states!? Idaho, Montana and Wyoming??

It’ll be fun.

And I can assure you, the pictures will be even better next time.

Parting shot:

I’ll see you again soon 🙂

Next blog: I met a pretty cool friend and we’ve done two shoots already and have like eighteen-million more in pre-production…so this will be super fun 🙂

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