FIVE FOR FRIDAYS: Quick Road Trip to Rochester

Here’s a short little one for ya.

Five For Friday is going to hopefully be a five minute read. It’s going to be picture oriented – yes, lots of photos and a quick recap of the shoot, weekend, week, whatever I feel like talking about. Every once in a while I get these shoots that last perhaps an hour and I don’t know what to do for the blogs, but I’ve got an idea now. Okay, let’s dive into this little shoot with J. Juliet. We only shoot once every six months, so get ready to see us again in, like, August! Yay! (We’re best friends – if you knew us, you’d understand).



So, we drove to Rochester to see the last regular season hockey game for Canisius. Long story short, we got to RIT early, went to a mall, bought a sweater for ten bucks, came back to RIT, found this little forest right on the side of the road by a parking lot and shot. Super random. But hey, it happens sometimes!



That’s literally it. We shot for perhaps, 20 minutes? If that? We had to get going to the game and we were losing light fast. In all of this, I learned something. Sometimes you’re not put in the best situations. She was wearing a Griffs sweatshirt, and we didn’t know any locations because neither of us had visited Rochester. Everything that happened was extremely spontaneous. Just get out there and grab hold of life.




Next blog: Probably something I’m doing over the weekend. We’ll see!

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