It’s kinda her thing.

Rachel and I shot down to Deer Island, just outside of Boston for a pretty sweet view of the city. It’s kinda funny – we’ve known each other for more than a year now and have never done anything until now. Cue a traffic-ridden, super long commute into the heart of Boston and a couple funny stories. But first, Deer Island.

It’s weird meeting another morning person, honestly. I can’t name another morning person besides Rachel. While we were driving to Boston at about 9:20 am (not a good time to enter Boston), we discussed how mornings are kinda just…awesome. Personally, I like waking up early and attacking the day – getting that morning workout in and having the rest of the day to myself is ideal. Rachel gets excited because she know’s she’ll have coffee. Interesting! There’s two kinds of people…both are correct!

But I mean seriously, she’s so excited about coffee it reminds me of Peter McKinnon (if you don’t know who that is, look him up). Any-who, Deer Island is pretty rad. I’d been here once before on a particularly freezing day but I’ve wanted to walk around the entire island, so Rachel and I did just that, stopping along the way a couple times to take a few shots. And that’s exactly what we did! I’m certainly glad we did so, some of the shots were too good.

No, I didn’t spell ‘plane’ wrong. If you’ve ever flown into Boston before, you might remember that you fly over the harbor to land. Rachel hasn’t been on a plane since she was a year old. I can’t relate in the slightest. I told her that I’ve been on 14 or so planes this calendar year. “But like, there’s people on the plane. I’d have to be sedated to land,” she told me, and I couldn’t help but laugh. Can’t relate. “Interesting.”

Finally, we found a spot I was looking for. I mentioned to Rachel that I’m not one to shoot on sunny days. It’s harder on light, and creates some unpleasant shadow-play and hence, cloudy days are superior! I always forget about finding shaded spots, and we happened to find a good one. And Rachel killed it here. Did I mention it’s her first shoot? These first timers are superb.

We finally left Deer Island (our hands thanked us) to head to the Boston Common. After getting a little lost a couple times, we found a spot and headed out walking. We were right by the theater district, which, with my limited knowledge of Boston geography, seems to be one of the more photogenic areas. Super interesting locations.

This concluded the day, for the most part. We celebrated the Patriots’ Super Bowl victory a few years ago and griped about this past years loss and this and that. I’ve got an itch to spend more time here and explore this city a bit more. Who knows where I’ll end up in 6 months? It’s all very…


Parting shot;

“It’s blue, like Gloucester!”

Next blog: Back to Buffalo, little nighttime shoot.

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