Just…Stay Still

Just for a second.

But first, let’s start our stories at the beginning. Up to this point, October was a slow month for shooting. College for sure got in the way but apparently a lot more than I realized it would, looking back. But, whenever I get the chance to even see Kaila, my day is made better. And shooting with her equals success and fun!

The fun of shooting, for me, is the people I get to shoot with. It seriously makes all the difference. On this shoot in particular, Kaila mentioned she wasn’t having the best of days but knew that (and these are her words) it “would get better because I’m shooting with Justin, and that’s always a fun time.” I was recording video at the time and had stopped just prior to her saying this, but it’s something that I haven’t forgotten a month and a half later. And everyone who knows me knows how bad my memory is.

It’s nearly impossible for us not to have fun. She’s one of the few people that I talk hockey with, which always makes for a good time. We laugh over memes, trade funny and serious stories and other nonsense. It’s basically decompressing from a hard week and venting to each other about this and that but adding a camera to the mix. Quite odd, huh?

However odd we can be together, we always get brought down back to Earth by photography. And this time around, we were doing something super cool. And here it is.

The first couple of long exposure portraits. These were almost the “pilot” photos, in a sense. If you remember back to a couple blogs ago, she and I did the very first long exposure portrait in Lake Erie, one that lasted 30 seconds. I was so unbelievably happy with that shot and knew I wanted to do more.

And so I did.

Parting shot:

Time for a laugh.

Next blog: Quick trip to Canada!

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